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PAR Hospital Radiology Department

The Mission of the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging at the PAR hospital is to provide compassionate, caring, and high quality Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy services to improve the quality of life for our Patients and their families.


Our leadership role in the scientific advancement of Medical Imaging and Image-Guided therapy services in a cost-efficient, less invasive and safer, while educating our referring Physicians, Physicians-in-training, medical students, allied health professionals, Hospital Administrators, Legislators, and Payers remains critical to our Mission. Our Research and Scholarly activities will continue to generate innovative solutions and new knowledge that makes a difference for Patient care and the future of Healthcare.


The Vision of the Department of Radiology & Medical Imaging at the PAR hospital is to be the first rank between the best Departments in the Kurdistan & IRAQ in providing timely, costefficient, and high quality Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy services for a diverse Patient population.


Our Department will also play a major and vital role in the education of Patients, Trainees, Healthcare providers, Healthcare Administrators, Legislators and Payers, conveying the important and critical function that Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy serves in improving the outcomes and advancing the care of Patients. In addition, our Department will continue to make significant contributions to the discovery of innovative Imaging technologies and Image-guided therapy that make a difference for the enhancement of Healthcare delivery. Our Department will learn from, build on and respect the past, be active and aggressive in improving the present, but look to the future, and rather than asking “why," we will ask “why not." 


The Goals of our Radiology department are:

  • Provide highest quality advanced imaging services.
  • Provide outstanding patient care and service.
  • Commit ourselves to academic excellence:
    • Excellence in education of residents, fellows and medical students.
    • Excellence in research.


Dr. Dlovan Salih Khoushnow
Head of Radiology Department
PAR Hospital