Message of Chairman

Mr. Darbaz Kosrat Rasool, the chairman of PAR HospitalPAR Hospital is one of the finest medical institutions in Kurdistan. 

We are playing a crucial role in shaping the health care system in Iraq in general and in Kurdistan in particular. 

We are an acute care hospital whose mission is to provide the finest quality of healthcare and medical services that exceed the expectations of the people of Iraq, Kurdistan and the neighboring countries and satisfy their medical requirements.

We guarantee the prompt medical services, compassion and caring to our patients who trusts us with their lives and therefore, we are up to their trust by delivering the high quality medical care, respect and confidentiality.

We provide an encouraging and rewarding working atmosphere to our employees in a competitive and developing working environment.  

We are targeting the highest international standards to improve our medical services and health care system and looking forward to be an institution where patients, who would likely consider alternatives abroad for their treatment, will have access to comparable healthcare here in Kurdistan, as we provide the best medical care that is prompt and effective. 


To constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision by combining excellence in the provision of safe, affordable, and quality healthcare to our patients; with clinical research and education.


To be the best hospital in Iraq that understands and satisfies healthcare of patients by continually improving quality in every aspect of healthcare delivery.